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A healthy life-style is a reflection of both your mental and physical state of being. Our experts can help you transform into your physical best. All that is needed is the right nutrition and training plan that is tailor made for you, considering your end-goal and medical restrictions (if any). Our team will ensure that the effort you put in terms of your training and nutrition towards achieving your transformational goals meets its purpose. Remember, we do not charge you for information, we only charge you for our time. Infact if at any point of time, you feel you cannot afford our services, download the free ebook or head over to S.Q.U.A.T.S where you will get all the information and help for free. 


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For those who need a little more attention and exclusivity, we currently offer the following services


Transformation / Fat loss

This is one of the most sought after thing in the country and sadly also the one in which people only lose their money but not fat, They run on treadmills for hours and hours only to see no results, They buy expensive fat burners, even turn to drugs in many cases. You'd be surprised to know that losing fat is the easiest thing to do, it's very easy to lose a lot of fat in a very short amount of time, and YES IT'S COMPLETELY SAFE !!! If you don't believe us, head over to the transformations page and see for yourself, most of the people got extremely good results in as less as 4 weeks. 


General Well-being

At S.Q.U.A.T.S, we do not promote bodybuilding, instead we believe in a healthy body, both from the inside and the outside. We also believe that fitness should not just be limited to a mere few thousands from the fitness industry but should be an integral part of each and every person's life, and age can never be an excuse. Considering health needs of a family, We currently offer family packages that will take care of your whole family !


Sports Nutrition

We are a nation with abundant and amazing talents in almost every sport. Right from cricket, hockey, football to even river rafting we are excelling beyond horizon. Every athlete no matter what sport he/she plays needs a solid nutrition plan to back their training regime and performance. Nutritional plan differs for a sprinter when compared to a marathoner. What a golfer needs to eat is not what necessarily a soccer player would eat to meet his training intensities and performance on the field. Nutrition plan can be endurance specific, strength specific and can be designed in a way to encircle both these areas of performance.

A customized plan depending on your training and activity levels corresponding to your area of interest in sports needs to be put in place if not just playing but excelling at it is your attitude. Our panel of experts can provide you your nutritional plan totally based on your needs, keeping your fitness goal in mind making sure that you not only excel in your sport but also look your best while you exhibit your best performance.

You are just a step away from making this a reality. Let us help you achieve that. Navigate through our expert profiles, select an expert and get started right away.


Bodybuilding & Contest Prep

Are you an athlete with an incredible potential but lacking the edge in terms of your appearance to step on the stage and hog the limelight? Well, we are here to help you! In a limited time frame anywhere between 6-12 weeks you have to potentially achieve the best condition of your life in regards to aesthetics, proportion and size. Every day becomes a challenge and you can leave no stone unturned with regards to calorie intake, nutrition and exercise. Precise calculations in terms of nutrition, necessary alterations to break through plateaus and most importantly the peak-week preparation, all needs a dedicated monitoring of an expert. This is where our qualified experts with experience of coaching athletes for various competitions at national level help you. We will help you look your best and step on the stage with unbelievable confidence.


Pre-wedding makeover

You D-Day is coming up and you both are going to be the centre of attraction. It is only natural, that you would want to look your BEST on your MOST important day, when every camera will turn towards you. And we are here to help you achieve that. 


Diabetes Type II Reversal

Diabetes type II is a disease brought on when your body becomes desensitised to Insulin. Incorporating sound nutrition principles along with a relevant exercise regimen and a change in your lifestyle can control your blood sugar levels to a large extent and in some cases, can reverse your Diabetes type II, thus making you free from the daily grind of taking anti diabetic drugs several times daily. This package also includes conservatively managing to a large extent any diabetes related complications and also rehabilitation I.e. return to a fit normal lifestyle after any surgery in Diabetes patients


Hypertension Reversal

Hypertension is a disease characterised by increase in your blood pressure. This can have deleterious effects on your heart, brain, kidneys and practically every important system in your body. But, there should not be any despair now because S.Q.U.A T.S. is introducing a Hypertension reversal package in which your blood pressure can be largely controlled without medication by a sound exercise and nutritional regimen.


Post Cardic Surgery Rehabilitation

Almost all patients after undergoing any cardiac surgery are scared and don't live up to their full potential. S.Q.U.A.T.S. is proud to introduce a Post Cardiac Surgery rehabilitation package wherein through a graduated exercise program which incorporates strengthening exercises along with sound nutrition and a change in lifestyle can rapidly bring you to a new high level of fitness.


Post Angioplasty Rehabilitation

There is no need to have a restricted life after cardiac angioplasty. Through a graduated exercise regimen combined with proper nutrition, We are able to change the lifestyle of most post angioplasty patients.

In case of any queries, you can reach out to us at info@squats.in